Ministry Business Cards

Ultra-violet Business Cards

There are many types of cards available in these days; ultra-violet (UV) coating cards seem to climbing the popularity charts gradually. This is due to their string benefits, enduring impressions and the overall impact value they bring. Some cards contain a special ultraviolet coating on the surface that is applied to the cardstock via modern techniques. These coatings harden when they undergo the process of ultraviolet radiations. These are special printing techniques increasingly being used by companies of all sizes. The coating enhances the appeal and adds a new dimension to its functionality too, making it a smart investment. The result is remarkable, attractive and very professional on touching and feeling. Finally these cards act like your personal billboards to advertise your important business/company info to prospective customers.

Ultra-violet cards stand apart from the other categories that are available. Some sharp features and benefits of business cards as follows:

Glossy & Shiny: These are silky and shiny finish which is very attractive and looks excellent. If done on dark colored surfaces, the effect is stunning. It will bewitch the recipient in minutes, making it an unforgettable memory and all this with the small business card.

Go Green: UV business cards use components that do not emit any organic substance making them chemical free and environmentally friendly. This aspect will instantly boost up your image as people like doing business with sensitive companies that care foe the community.

Long Term Protection: The Ultra-violet (UV) coating ensures that your cards are protected from dust, water and other pollution. This makes them long lasting and very cost effective too.

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