The Functions Of Business Cards

The Functions of Business Cards

The uses of business cards as they were more popularly known, is still widely prevalent today, even in this age of electronic communications. Technologies of instant communications such as Bluetooth and infrared connectivity are easier and much handier ways of sending and receiving data and information, including those contained in a card. Yet businessmen still carry around small stacks of these cards, giving them away at every chance they get and at the slightest provocation. This only proves that the business cards still play a vital role in every business and company, because even those not in businesses, such as students, have calling cards in their names.

This is normally contained the name of owners, form or list of business or services rendered, phone or contact numbers, and some sort of catchphrase or slogan for the business. In this way the holder will immediately see in the card if the card owner is the appropriate solution to his immediate needs. So actually the card acts as a kind of 'sleeper' or inactive advertising for the owner, accessed when needed.

If you know a friend who requires his boat engine serviced and you bump into someone who does that, you may wish to request his card to pass to your friend, who might later pass it on to another with similar needs. Without the card, neither potential customer will remember the boat engine service provider when the service is required. With it, the card owner may well capture a whole boating association.

Many people accept other company’s/people’s business cards and rapidly not remember both the card and the person right afterwards. Then the card is memorized when the holder needs to contact the card owner socially, and so the card is dredged up from the dustbin of where did I place it questions or you may not care what the guy sells but he is so brawny.