Church Offering Envelope

Ways You Can Use Your Offering Envelope Printing

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Offering envelopes are personalized printing projects — whether in the design or the job order itself. For better marketing of your business, you should employ printing services that can be tailor-fit to your needs. Go for a printing company that allows Offering job options. This way, you don’t waste money on printing. Titheenvelope allows you to choose the services and process your project will undertake. 

Custom Envelopes


Here are some ways you can customize your envelope printing: 

Offering Design
Make your own artwork or logo and have it printed on your envelopes. This way, you can add a personal touch to your envelopes. You can also make the design a matching one with your stationery or have your logo printed on the flap – in grayscale or in full-color. 

Offering Job Order
If you are in a hurry, select either 2 or 3 business-day turnaround to get your orders faster. You can also opt to waive proofing if you are absolutely sure your artwork is print-ready and it complies with Titheenvelope bleed standards. 

Mailing Options
After having your marketing materials printed with us, you can also choose to print your envelopes and have it mailed. All you need to do is provide us with a mailing list and we will do the rest – from sorting to dropping of at the nearest USPS office. 

TiTheEnvelope provides you options on how you can manage your printing orders effectively. For more information on our envelope printing and offering services, you can call our hotline and ask for a offering service representative. You can also chat with us via the live chat option on our website.