Donation Envelopes

Donation envelopes are also known as offering or remittance envelopes and these are very versatile, usually used to collect donations through courier, or in-person in order to collect the information on members. The print on the face of the envelope consists of corner copy, a particular organization's address, business reply, or you may even print with the "stamp here" artwork in the right corner at top of the envelope. The beautifully designed flaps of remittance envelopes are one of the features which make them very special.

Most of the time the donation envelopes, are difficult to set up for the purpose of printing because of the large flaps around it. But have no worry, our graphic designers can make sure that everything looks perfect! For instance, if the copy comes too close to the edge it will become more difficult for you to handle so we will always provide a free proof sample to make sure it meets your expectations!